Friday, October 15, 2010

Continuing with the Bentonite

I LOVE THIS STUFF! It always define my curls nicely.

Benefits of Bentonite (These are from my observation)
-Cleans and pulls out any impurities in the hair and scalp
-Defines your curls
-Makes your hair easy to detange
-Easy to rinse out
-Stimulates the scalp(and we all know that stimulation of the scalp promotes hair growth.
-Less frizz versus using a Shampoo (doesn't mean I will stop using shampoos)

I'm sure there are many more benefits but these are the ones I observed.

How to use Bentonite

Mix with water and add some apple cider vinegar until it starts to look like mud. It doesn't have to be smooth. Let it still in hair for at least 45 mins to an hour with a plastic cap on head. Then rinse out with just water first and then finish with conditioner. (DO NOT USE SHAMPOO WITH THIS! The results will be very dry with shampoo.) Deep condition and then style as usual :)

FYI the picture above is the definition without any product.

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