Monday, January 17, 2011

Flexi Rods

Hey All! I am trying flexi rods on my hair today. I have never done them on my hair but I use them on quite a few of my customers. They always look great! So I figured I will try them on me. I only part I hate is sitting under the dryer waiting for them to dry. I always hate sitting under the dryer. I haven't done this since my relaxed day. I will have a youtube video up sometime soon on how I did these but let me give you the skinny...

After shampooing and conditioning, I split my hair into 4 sections, detangled each section fairly well applied Shea Moisture smoothie for moisture and applied IC Fantasia clear gel for hold and to make rolling easier. Then I just grabbed a small section sprayed with water to reactivate the gel and the I proceeded with rolling. With flexi rods it can be tricky but they are actually easy to roll once the figure it out. With flexi's wrap the ends of the hair 1-2 times and then roll the hair on top of the first roll and roll your way up. If you want the curls to hang longer make big gap when roller if you want tighter curls roll little to no gaps when rolling. Basically I just worked each section like that and that's all you do. It is difficult with the long rods sticking out but I think next time I will roll from top to bottom and see if that's easier! If anyone has tried them on natural hair please share your experience!

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