Friday, February 25, 2011

Do the Tangle Teaser live up to the hype?

Yeah it does! Well it depends on how hard it is for you to detangle. My hair wasn't extremely hard to detangle but I do have stubborn tangles here and there everything now and then...I must say the tangle teaser do get the tangles out easily. I've had mines for awhile now and it's consistent. Now to me I feel that it can be a little hard to clean completely. I always have some hairs stuck in it but I don't lose much hair when detangling with it so that's another plus.Oh yeah it also works well on dry hair! I've tried it. I think it's more beneficial for people who have longer hair. If you have a twa there's no need to get this right now so slow down on your pj Again if you have a hard time detangling your hair then this is definitely worth getting.

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