Monday, February 14, 2011

Haircut might be needed...

Are you not happy with your wash n go's but like your curls? Do you hair just seems bushy? Or are you just plain bored with your hair? This might be a sign that you need a haircut. I'm not talking about a trim...I'm talking about a haircut that will shape your mane therefore giving you a style. I went through this at once time. I was just absolutely bored with my hair. I couldn't figure it out at the time what was wrong but I kept looking at other naturals and noticed that they had a nice shape to their hair and I had no kind of shape at all. It then hit me that I need a haircut. So I went to school the next day and told them exactly how I wanted me hair cut and they did exactly that. The did it on straight hair of course so didn't know exactly what it would look like but once I washed it and got it back curly I absolutely loved it. I had a new love for my hair! Since that once cut my hair has grown out like that cut and I still love it. I actually trim my own hair to keep it in that style. (Now that I understand hair better) So maybe think about getting a cut. I get alot of compliments on my haircut. If you want to know what it is this is it....My haircut was mapped out like this. I cut it straight down at the bottom with no lift at the very bottom which is called a zero degree cut. Starting a little below the occipital bone up a little above it there was a 45 degree lift. Then the rest of the head "the top" was cut out from the head called a 90 degree cut. So if you go to your stylist tell he or she that you want a 0 degree at the bottom, 45 degree around the occipital, and a 90 at the top. If they don't understand that then you might not want them to cut your hair :)

Above picture Before the cut
Below is after the cut and now.

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