Monday, February 21, 2011

Training Natural Hair to Curl

It's curly YALL! I use to couldn't hardly get this piece of hair to curl for NOTHING! It would just give me a little wave. The question is... Can you train natural hair? You absolutely CAN! I am living proof of that. This excludes heat damage though. When I first went natural my hair was not as curly as it is now especially the front. I couldn't get my front to curl at all and it hated that the two textures were so different. What did I do to get it to curl???? I continued to do wash n go's and some twistouts but if I had to guess the wash n go's is what really did it. Let me see if I can explain how this works first...if you have waves or curls when your hair is wet then you definitely have a curl/wave pattern. To bring it out you have to continue to wet it, condition it, and set it. works the same way as straightening it...if you keep straightening your hair it will begin to go straighter so if you keep wetting your hair and setting the curls it will get curlier. My hair is now super easy to curl since I've been practicing wetting my hair often (wash n go's) I know this works because I have trained many other clients hair to curl with little product. If you are seeking more definition I challenge you to do this!


  1. More great info and congrats on the new curl in your life, lol!

  2. I am having the same issue with my hair. I have just started doing natural hair blogs and videos, so maybe I will upload one with the parts of my hair that will just not curl like the rest and see what I can do to get mine to curl again. Thanks for posting!

  3. Did you do wash n gos every day? Did you also moisturize at night?
    I really want to do this and you're the one a few in our community who actually believes it's possible :)

  4. Hi i have a question. My hair is permed and when wet of course it doesn't curl. But what I was wondering was if i were to go natural and wet my hair and it didn't curl at all how would i get it to? Even if it doesn't have a wave or curl pattern when wet.

    1. try putting bantu knots in relaxed hair that's how I got mine to curl when it was relaxed and let the knots sit over night

  5. What do you mean by "setting" it?