Monday, March 7, 2011

Gel Nail Polish

I really love the gel nail polish! I've alway had problems with keeping polish on my nails. I have oily and very thin nails. My nails alway seem to chip. Well I was introduced to this new thing called Shellac. I did a small posting about his before but I must say I really love this stuff. The polish last for 3 weeks. Mines still look like it did when it was just done. I"m not a big nail person because I could never keep my nails nice with a good polish but I can with the gel nails. It also add some hardness to your nails. This manicure goes for about $35 or more in a nail shop. It requires gel polish and an uv light. If you do this often I suggest putting sun block or screen on your hand before putting your hands in the uv lamp. Here are my pictures...They are much more beautiful in person.

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