Monday, April 25, 2011

Upcoming Wash n Go Challenge!

Hey All! I got a great idea from one of our fellow blog readers to do a wash n go challenge. Thanks Sonya! I'm not going to start it yet but I will let you all know when I do. Since I will be doing that soon...I figure I will straighten my hair one time before the challenge and before the Summer especially since I'm moving to Miami my straight hair won't make it with all that humidity down there in the summer. So who will be "In" when this challenge start. I will do a youtube video about it soon.


  1. Before I say "I DO" LOL. what is the challenge?

  2. Oh, how cool! Glad I could give a suggestion. I am definately in. What are you thikning possibly a 3 month challenge? Can't wait for more information.

  3. Thanks again Sonya! I don't know how long yet.
    @MzFox and English Mrs. I will have details later when it gets warmer so people will feel comfortable doing the wash n go's. I'm just putting it out there for now.