Saturday, May 7, 2011

2nd Day Hair Straighten

I'm still happy with my straighten hair but I can tell that it's wanting to revert back already. That's kind of a good sign because that means no heat damage but I'm never worried about that anyway :-) I didn't want to keep straightening it so I decided to work around it and came up with a cute Bohemian like hairdo.  I love the Bohemian style!  I know I"m probably going to have to touch my hair up eventually with the flat iron if I want to wear it down but I might not wear it down again....Anyway here's the second day results. 


  1. i've been watching your vids on you tube and I must say that your hair is gorgeous! i just luv your wash n go's and the straight/bohemian look is really nice to. i stopped getting relaxers in 2009, cut relaxed ends off 01/10 and haven't looked back. looking forward to growing a healthy head of gorgeous natural hair! now if i could just find the right method to achieve a fly wash n go, i'd be set:) congrats on graduating and the move to Miami. if you like warm weather, the ocean and an endless amount of fresh seafood, you're going to love Florida! i have visited only once and looking forward to going back!

  2. Thank you! I do like all of that so I am going to love it! You are going to enjoy your hair journey. Take full advantage of it! When you come back to Florida let me know and set up an appointment to get your hair done. I will love you show you how to rock a wash n define!