Monday, August 1, 2011

How does your salon make you feel?

Do you salon make you feel good, bad, eeh it's ok?  I will like to get your feedback and tell me what they do to make you feel that way.  Now that I got the job I have a concept in mind.  The GREAT part is that my new boss seems to be all for it!  I want the set a new standard for salons.  I want clients to come into the salon knowing that they are going to get a treat.  I want you to feel pampered.  I want you to say WOW I didn't know my hair could get such good treatment. True!  hair is an accessory but you also have to remember that hair is a transmitter from the world to your body.  People don't think about it in that way, they just think of hair to be styled and that's it.  Hair needs to be pampered also, just like your feet, hands, body and etc.  Hair is important to your well being more than you know physically and emotionally.  When you are around negative things or people you can't help it but you tend to take some of that negativity with you.  It might sound a little out there but your hair could absorb some of that negative energy.  Absolutely!  Think about it...when you wash your hair don't your just feel like you washed away everything at that moment that happened before.  Also when you are in toxic environments or around scents your just don't like...Hair absorbs all of that and takes it with you.  The reason for this is wouldn't it be idea to go to a place where you can leave all that stuff behind to get your hair and mind pampered.  See how hair can have a small part in that?  I want to be able to go to a salon and feel peace when it come to my hair.  I also want to leave out with that peace.  I want a little more than someone rushing to get my hair done and get me out.  There nothing wrong with getting your hair done quick but I want to feel like my hair was pampered and taken care of.   Getting our hair done is a treat!  I think it should be treated that way.  I want and I am going to change how going to the salon should be.  So my contribution to be a good Hair Care Professional is not to just produce great hair but to also produce positive minds!

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