Friday, August 5, 2011

Interesting in being a Textured Beauty of the Day?

If you are interesting in being featured on this blog and to share your hair story with other just email me responses to the questions below. Just send me at least 3 photos of your hair growth process like one of your TWA or before you were natural on to now.  My email is  I look forward to your emails!

CNB: How long have you been natural?
CNB: What made you go natural? 
CNB: What do you like about being natural vs being relaxed? 
CNB: What do others say about your natural hair? 
CNB: How do you feel about yourself now that you are natural?
CNB: Have you inspired others?
CNB: What is your basic routine for your textured hair? 
CNB: What do you want others to know about being natural? 
Include anything else you want people to know about you like if you have an youtube channel, blog, or business.

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