Thursday, October 3, 2013


I have been so blessed!  I hope you all have been blessed too.    I have something new coming in the New Year!  Some people want to see my work but aren't on facebook so I"m going to start posting some of my work up here.  I believe in always trying to get better in no matter what you do.  My new focus is to try and stay positive.  It has been working because it's been getting all these blessings due to me staying positive.  I was listening to Pastor Troy Grambling of Potential Church and he talked about being positive and how it can attract other positive things.  I've heard this before but I don't know what it was about how he was saying it made me actually listen.  I must say I'm glad I did because I've been so much happier.  Is there anything in your life you are trying to improve just curious?  If so share...

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