Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Photo Shoot

I just did a photo shoot to display when the hair is hydrated it can go back and forth curly or straight or straight to curly.  My models were beautiful!  I tried to use people with different hair types and  complexions.  I plan on doing more photoshoots.  These ladies hair turned out so great because they do hydrate the hair.  I keep telling people no matter what your hair look like if you hydrate you can make it work for you and it will look GOOD!  Notice I have one before pics and the rest are after, afters curly and straight.   My coworkers did the makeup.  Great Job ladies  The curly look makeup is by Simone you can find her on instagram   The Straight hair make up is by Camilla you can find her website here   Here's a look at the pictures below


  1. You do a awesome job on our hair! I'm loving everything about your styles! Where are you located?