Sunday, November 14, 2010

Deep Conditioning and Time

I think I'm going to cut back on my deep conditioning. I know...WHY? Because it's too time consuming for me to do every week. It's taking me all day just about to do my hair on wash days. Because I shower and wash, condition, and detangle while in there and it takes me about an hour for all of that but that not the part of my routine that I'm going to shorten. After putting the deep conditioner in while in shower I get out then get under the steamer for 30 mins then I have to get back in the shower to rinse out. By the time I've done all that it about another hour. I'm going to cut this part down to just doing this once a week. It's too much The longer my hair gets the more difficult it is to deep condition and detangle. Anyone else out there feel me???

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