Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Second Day Hair with UFD

Ok! I think this one is a keeper! My hair looked good the next day and I didn't even have to add more moisture. Let me remind you all that I didn't use this product with nothing else. I must be honest most product work with me because I do know how to apply them and what I mean by that is I know how to make the product work for me. I don't just put the product on and it just look perfect. What I look for to determine if I like the product is if the product is giving me what I need. What I need is MOISTURE, curl definition, and whether is dries soft but has some hold. If a product have all those things I can make it work. For example, Shrinkage is not a big deal to me....Why? Because I can fix that easily with the blow dryer. Aesthetics can be fixed I just need the necessities. But anywho...I like this product it has what I need and what I've been looking for. I still like hair rules better but UFD is the next best thing to me. I will do a review later to tell you in detail why like Hair Rules so much. My only hang up with that one is the quantity you get for the price. Pictures below is the second day hair.

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