Monday, February 7, 2011

Uncle Funky's Curly Magic

I like it! I will probably buy again depending on how long this wash n go last.
I only have two cons and they are...
1. The shipping took longer than I like.
2. It does make your hands a bit sticky but it's not too bad. My hair don't feel sticky though. (Weird huh?) If you don't mind kinky curly stickiness then you probably won't notice this one. Kinky Curly was too sticky for me.

The Pros
- Hair feels very moisturized.
- It's dries soft
-It smells good ( I like the's smell a little like lemon drop candy but not too strong)
-It's easy to apply
-Didnt have to use a whole lot.
-it's a decent price for the size.
-I love the pump bottle for this product

People compare this stuff to kinky curly but I think they are very different. Kinky Curly is more of a gel. This is not a gel hell I'm not sure what it is but it's different.

This compared to Hair Rules...I like how Hair rules make my hair looks better but I can justify the price of Curly Magic and it's made my hair look nice also. What's going to determine if I buy again is if I can get more that 2 day hair out of this. If you want to know anything else about this product that I might of missed please comment.


  1. Hey chica! I want to try this! Where did you order this online? &when you do your wash and gos how do you apply your product to minimize hair frizz, like do you apply in sections at a time and twirl the hair or just smooth it on it?

  2. Hey! I ordered is at! I do the rake smoothing method. If I want more of the big look I will rake more if I want a not so big look I was smooth more or I will only JUST smooth and no rake. I don't twirl. I will post a video on how I apply soon.