Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I've been really inspired to do braided styles. I think they are elegant and chic! I'm talking big braids like French, Fishtail, or Big Cornrow braids. No matter who you are you can never go wrong with those braids. I did some braids on my curl hair but I think I might blowout my hair and do braids on there. I'm looking for extra length so that why I'm wanting to blow it out. I think these are great ideas for women who have textured hair. BTW I'm not longer calling myself a natural stylist, guru, or whatever. I am a Textured Stylist/Specialist! Textured because I focus completely on curly/kinky hair no matter what your ethnic background is. Using the word Natural can confuse some because I'm all for haircolor, I'm for straightening, I use silicones and etc. I just don't do relaxers. I know the science behind hair so I know how much I can get away with and still have my hair in a healthy state. I'm about healthy yet beautiful stylish hair. I want people to want my hair and the people's hair that I do because they love it! I believe haircolor can add to something to textured hair. I have highlights and I love them I get compliments on them all the time. Honestly the highlight made me love my textured hair even more but before I got the highlight studies the most safe way to get them and I got them. So with the blowed out braids I'm going to have fun with it but make sure my hair is being nurtured at the same time. I'm also officially changing what I am...I'm a Textured Specialist