Monday, August 22, 2011

OH! The Versatility of Textured Hair!

Just gotta Love It!  I just did two big braids and got this wavy look that I'm feeling!  I just thought I would share.  My hair was starting to revert so instead of re straightening I just came up with other options. So See...You don't have to keep straightening your hair when you already straighten it once.  Take advance of it and try styles that you normally couldn't do on the curly hair.

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  1. Hi, love ur channel and blog.. ive been following for a while. anywho, i have a few questions about maintaining Straight hair... 1. is there a limit to how often i can straighten it? 2.after a major straighting at my salon, will me putting my own flatiron to every few days to touch it up damage my hair? 3.what are some tips on how to wrap it, or like make the straighten look last longer?.. um i think thats it.. if u have any other tips or advice i didnt ask about please feel free to fill me in