Monday, August 22, 2011


I get questions time to time about Henna and how I feel about it.  Well I don't really care for it for myself.  I do see the benefit for other people.  Henna does tend to make your hair thicker from what I've found.  If you are thinking about doing henna do your research and don't just research on the henna  I will tell you this much about henna if you are the type of person who likes haircolor, highlights, have haircolor already you want to stay away from henna.  The mixing of henna and haircolor can be harmful for your hair.  I don't care for henna because I like highlights and color and henna limits that.  I also don't see a great benefit in my hair.  Over time with continue use henna does turn your hair into a dull red color which I personally don't like but hey others might like it so do what you like.  If you decide to do henna you have to decide are you going to color your hair in future and do you think henna will benefit you?  Whatever you decide to do, I hope it work out for you!

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