Sunday, June 19, 2011

How am I going to deal with my hair while traveling...

I haven't traveled like this since being natural!  My husband and I are about to embarked on the great adventure across the Country!  I'm excited about seeing the U.S. from the West to the East but I'm thinking about my hair.  Typical huh???  We are going to be stopping and going and we won't have time for me to do all the things I normally do when I'm at home.  I've been on trips since being natural but never a trip that take me more than a week to travel.  It's taking us a week because we plan on sightseeing!  I think I'm going to do this.  I'm going to bun it alot while traveling.  It's not my husband's favorite style but he's going to have to deal for now.  When we finally get to where family is I will fix it cute like when I wear my hair out and big.  So you know the blowdryer is coming with  I would do twists but I don't have time to do them right now.  We got too much to do.  Anyway...I hope you all are enjoying Father's Day with the man in your life.  Cherish that person because their really isn't alot of men who are part of their children's lives so if your father, husband, etc is... considered yourself Blessed!  Please keep my husband and I in your prayers for a safe trip!   I will see you all from Miami!

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