Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hair Color Tips!

I recently got my hair colored again.  I like it so far but it's not complete yet.  I'm going to add a few more highlights in the front.  I"m going to talk about some benefits to hair color and what you must do to take care of it.  First in foremost, you can't be lazy with your hair when it comes to getting hair color.  You need to tend to it yourself or either go to the salon for treatments at least every other 2-3 weeks.  Hair color is drying especially if you get all over color and going lighter.  If you are going darker it's not as bad because you are added color to your hair instead of taking away.

Lighter Color                                                                                      Darker Color
You are taking away and then adding color                  You are just adding color and not taking away              

Hence going darker isn't going to be as drying.

Let face it most of us like to go lighter.  I know I do!  So we need to take these steps to take care of it:

- Moisture, Moisture, Moisture!   Can't say that enough.  We need to deep condition right after or ASAP.  I use a steamer to amp up my moisture and it helps tremendously!

-Protein!   Going lighter does weaken the  hair a little so you will need a protein treatment but make sure your hair is good on moisture before doing a protein treatment.  You NEVER want to do a protein treatment on dry hair.  Think about something that's dry and hard (which protein makes hair hard so it can be strong) if you pull on it, it's going to break right?  The same thing happens with your hair if you put protein on hair that lacking moisture it's going to be dry and hard and it's going to break when you try to comb or brush it.

-After the protein deep condition again.  Continue to deep condition weekly or biweekly until you hair feels like it's at it's normal hydration.

That's pretty much it for taking care of color!

If you are wanting to get color you have to make sure you hair is:

-in good condition meaning not damaged
-hair is strong
-hair is hydrated
-make sure you are willing to care for it by either pampering it yourself or going to the salon.
-haven't used henna in the last year.

Reason why one will want color!  There's plenty of them but I will name a few and some that are personal to me.

-Can make you look younger
-Brighten your skin
-Bring out your eye color
-Can make your cut or style look a lot better
-If you have a bigger forehead it can minimize it with highlights
-If you have curly hair or if you are natural lighter colors or highlight will make your curls pop a lot more!(my favorite reason)
*and many other reasons*

Hair Color is fun and can make a person feel brand new but which hair color you do have to make a commitment to take care of it.  So far my hair color and I are getting along well!

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