Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How to pick the right stylist for you

Since being in the hair business I have learned there are stylist different kinds of stylists and almost everyone have different opinion about hair.  I'm going to share some tips in what to do and look for when finding a new stylist or what I like to call myself hair care consultant

1.  Get to know your hair.  This is the MOST important one!  Never tell them that you don't have a clue about your hair because if you get a stylist who's an opportunist then they will take advantage of the situation.

2.  Find someone who's not arrogant.  I know some stylist can be too over confident where they can sound condecending to the clients.  You don't want that person because they will never do your hair the way you like.

3.  Make sure the stylist have the look you are going for.  This is a biggie!   Example if you are natural you don't want to go to a relaxed stylist or one who promotes relaxers or vice versa

4.  Get a stylist who's easy to talk to.  The reason for this is so you can tell her what you want with ease without him or her questioning you.

5. Make sure your stylist have the same mentality about hair just like you do.  For example if you goal is to use minimum heat and you know that your stylist loves firing up that press and comb stove then you two might not be a match.

6. Make sure your stylist offer treatments from time to time especially after doing chemical services.  This is important because it shows that they actually care about the health of your hair.  With me if I have a client who is badly in need of a treatment I will sometime just do it anyway.  I care more about the health of their hair verses how much money I can make off of them.

7.  Last make sure you and your stylist are partners.  Don't let the stylist make all the choices.  You must have some input also.  This shows that the stylist value your opinion.

Remember these things and you will find a stylist who meets your needs.

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