Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Keratin Treatment...Good or Bad

Keratin Treatment...Good or Bad

Well that depends on what your goal is...First let's understand what the Keratin Treatment is.  Keratin is not marketed as a straighter but is marketed to make the hair smoother.  Now how does that help??? Well when the hair is smoother it can make your hair easier to manage.  The frizz in our hair is what really contribute to the time we spend on our hair.  How many times have you passed the flat iron or straighten comb through the hair until you got it smoother... with the Keratin Treatment it can make your hair so much faster to do.  I've had people come in who has a keratin with afros who want their hair straight and I think to myself well this is going to take awhile but when I start doing the person hair I soon realize how much easier and quicker it is to do.  Another question is can the keratin help with my curly hair?  Yes it can but it depends on what you are going for.   From what I've seen the Keratin Treatment does tend to loosen the curl pattern some and for others it can loosen the curl pattern a lot but the results vary. I've also seen some people who are happy to have their curls a bit looser so it works for them.  Most people whether they are curly or straight like the Keratin because of how much easier it is to do their hair.  As a stylist I must admit it is easier to do a person hair with a Keratin and what I mean by that is the process to so much quicker.  Do I have a Keratin?  No.  Why not?  I don't feel I need one.  I"m natural and I LOVE my hair just the way it is and I feel that it's easy for me to manage my hair.  When I wear my hair straight I could probably use the Keratin but I won't because I wear my hair curly a lot more often than I wear it straight.  I know of naturals who get the Keratin and it works out fine for them but I suggest not getting it every 4 months like some stylist suggest because depending on the brand I believe some Keratins last way longer that 4 months.   Which is not a bad thing.    Also if you are relaxed and wanting to go natural Keratin might actually be a good way to transition especially if you want to still wear your hair straight even if you don't want to go natural and just want a healthier alternative to relaxing just do a keratin.  Yes the Keratin is actually healthier than the relaxer.  Even though it has formaldehyde it's still better than putting that Sodium Hydroxide to your head.  If you don't believe me look it up.   Anyway below are the Pro's a Con's to Keratin Treatment

Makes hair more manageable
Less Frizz
Can do you hair faster
Healthier hair  (If done right)
Great alternative for a relaxer
Can be used for tranistioner
Can also be used for naturals who likes to wear their hair straight and curly
Can promote hair growth (it's acts at a barrier for the hair)
Temporary (Can be a pro or con)

Formaldehyde (they have non formaldehyde but doesn't seem to work as well)
Can Loosen curl pattern (Can be a pro or con)


  1. I hear some stylist say it also depends on the hair type. It usually works better on finer hair but because of the excessive heat it's not so great on 4a/b hair.

  2. Actually the keratin acts as a protector because the keratin is a coating over your hair. So the heat really doesn't affect your hair during a keratin but what makes your hair go straight sometimes is the keratin itself but it's temporary. You hair will revert back after 4 months.