Sunday, November 6, 2011

3 Year Anniversary of My Big Chop...and Trimming...

I'm so happy that it has been 3 years since I cut my hair and decided to be completely natural.  I have accomplished my goal for my hair.  I made my hair easier to do, more versatile, and healthy.  I have become a genius when it comes to MY hair.  Two things that have been a big part in helping my hair grow long, look thicker and just remain healthy(there is a such thing as healthy hair)  Hair, nails and skin are made of the same content just different proportions but you still have to keep your skin and nail healthy right?...So why wouldn't you have to keep the hair healthy it's still attached to your body. (Someone told me there's no such thing as healthy hair just want to clear that up.)  The 2 things that contribute to my grow are wear wash and gos (the right way) and trimming my hair periodically.  I trim when I need to and I do a REAL trim.  I don't do search and destroys, I don't trim my hair while in twist, and so on.  If you want he goal of having mostly even hair, thicker looking hair, and less split ends then you want to avoid those other methods.  I will tell you wants wrong with both methods.  They sound nice in theory but the fact is when hair is uneven and if there's even one split end if the hair next to it is a different length then it's going to catch on to the other hair and made it split and then it become a ripple down effect.  If you don't around and do an all over trim then you can miss that one split end that is causing the problem and an over trim will mad it easier for you to seek out where's the problem quicker.  I really dislike the twist cutting because you are not seeing all of your hair.  You will miss some on your hair that might have the problem and it's not a true trim.  If your goal is not all 3 of these healthy, thicker looking, long hair then carry on with what you are doing.  If you are a natural who like to wear your hair straight you should definitely avoid these cutting method for trimming.  Remember this is only for trimming not for shaping the hair.  How I trim is on straight hair...I know some don't like to straighten you hair but "straight hair tells you the Truth about your hair."  It reveals just how well or bad your hair is doing!  I trim my hair usually every 3-6 months but you can tell when you need a trim even when hair is curly.  If you ends are looking and feeling rough, ends are very tangled and I mean very tangled and if you can see through them well then you need a trim.

Here's a test take your index finger and thumb and rub it down your strand and it your feel a "BIG" texture difference then that's an indication that you need a trim or if you let it go too long a CUT!

I hope this helped!
Below I will show some pictures of my split end and after

These are my splits

The ends are see through and rough looking 
You can see how some of the ends are tangling up on each other causing the hair to be hair to comb and break.

This is a frontal view not too bad here compared to the back but I still see some so I will go ahead and nip in the bud.

After the Trim

I can actually curl my ends under now that's another sign of split end when you can't curl your ends.

Hair looks fuller and smoother now and HEALTHY

I still have growth and now I can be haircut free for at least another 3 months.

This is all the hair I cut off my entire head not much considering that I went 6 months without a trim but my hair was begging for one and I listened. 


  1. I don't know about doing the whole "natural" thing for me b/c YES it is a process but your info is very helpful for me even with "relaxed" hair. I love the length, look, & all of your hair and I'm big on "healthiness" so I will take those things (trimming) into consideration and do better with that b/c I am horrible about the trims. LOL Thanks & what a wonderful journey you have had with an even more beautiful outcome! Love ya...................

  2. Rhonda, your hair is beautiful, as always. Thanks for all of your info. I don't think I am as good as you are at trims, but I am determined to at least try. I do admit, now, I am a little afraid of just making my hair worse by missing some of the split ends, causing even more damage. I don't plan on wearing my hair straight until at least next summer and I don't want to have to cut it off because of the ends. I guess I have to start I will try the trim. Again, great hair.

  3. Beautiful! For my grad school graduation, I plan to go to you for a blow out and trim. Even if you're not at your current location when I need, it I'll follow you lol. I can't wait :)

  4. Your hair looks amazing! I wanted to blow mine out and flat iron it to trim my ends but i'm too chicken LOL .. One of these days i'll figure it out .. Love your growth !

  5. Thank you ladies! Alana I'm so glad this is helping you with your relaxed hair. Going natural is a transition but if you decided to do it one day it will be something that you will love once to get pass the hurdles. Jackie and Nichque you got to cut the ends. I can't stress that enough. Ends will slow down your growth. If you make the sacrifice now then you will have great grown later. Just stay on a routine get a trim no less than every 3-4 months. If you have take care of your hair correctly you shouldn't need more than 1/2 inch cut. (Which is really small) Be active when the stylist is cutting your hair. Tell them what you want and make them interact with you so you all will be on the same page. @Makeup on Budget I will be glad to do your hair. Just send me a message and we will set that up :)

  6. I have a question, how would you recommend we trim our hair while it's curly. I haven't had much luck with straightening my hair at all. I always end up with heat damage and this is from the salon. I am really afraid to put heat on my hair again due to the heat damage I always seem to suffer.

  7. Personally I feel trimming your hair when it is straight is best. If the salon is giving you heat damage then you should look for another salon or stylist to go to. Cutting curly hair is a skill. Its nothing I can tell you how to do. Its plain know how. Try trimming your hair blowdried. If you aren't sure about trimming your hair I do suggest going to get it professionally cut. Remember you are paying your money for the cut so you have the right to add your input before and while you are getting your cut.

  8. Hi! Just a compliment and a note of appreciation. Love the hair and especially the color. Thanks for sharing your expertise and personal experience on growing out and maintaining such a gorgeous and healthy mane. So beautiful.

  9. Rhonda,

    Please come back to California and style my daughters hair. Her mother is clueless. God bless.

    Your brother

  10. Thank you Anonymous! Lin you are crazy!

  11. I just found your blog! :) What did you use to straighten your hair. I'm thinking about buying a flat iron and some heat protectants. For the past few years I've been twisting and snipping, but last year I got a blow for the purpose of trimming, but the stylist only really cut it for shape. For my last trim I cut loose damp hair for the first time.

  12. Congrats on your 3 year natural journey!!!!