Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How to Maintain Length

1. Trim every 3-4 months don't skip out on this.
2.  Moisturized the ends consistently
3.  Don't allow the hair to get too dry
4.  Detangle hair regularly with conditioner and water to keep from having breakage.
5.  Deep Condition with heat at least once a month.
6.  Don't use too much heat in a short amount of time.
7.  Sleep with a satin pillow case or bonnet because cotton absorbs moisture quickly.
8.  Lay off the Protein if you have kinkier texture too much protein isn't good.  Actually can cause breakage too if use too excessively.
9.  Last but NOT LEAST give that hair some WATER.  Hair needs water just like everything else.


  1. I use kimmaytube leave-in conditioner and Shea moisture hair milk mixed with some oils. Is this to much protein

  2. No I'm not sure what's in her leave in but I don't think she has protein in it and the other stuff doesn't have protein so you are good.