Monday, December 19, 2011

Textured Beauty of the Day!

Meet Linda!  She's a dear friend of my mines from California.  The picture above is her hair now.  I remember when I met Linda she use to constantly wear wigs or weaves but Linda learned to love doing her natural hair and have been doing it every since.  I don't think Linda has worn a wig or weave since but she and her hair are beautiful.  I'm very proud to see how far she's come.  Check out her youtube

CNB:  How long have you been natural?
Linda:  3 years

CNB:  What made you go natural?
Linda:  I loved how natural hair texture looked

CNB:  What do you like about being natural vs being relaxed? 
Linda:  I love how I can be curly one day and straight the next.

CNB:  What do others say about your natural hair? 
Linda: My boyfriend loves my hair he is always complimenting me on my curls.

CNB: How do you feel about yourself now that you are natural?
Linda: I feel like I am beautiful and my hair is beautiful.  I love my hair.

CNB:  Have you inspired others? 
Linda: Yes my niece is now natural and my oldest sister has locs

CNB:  What is your basic routine for your textured hair? 
Linda: I co wash my hair everyday or every other day depending on how I feel. I shampoo my hair every Sunday. I use activator gel as a leave in and the green Eco styling gel for hold. 

CNB:  What do you want others to know about being natural? 
Linda: Water is our friend we were brain washed into believing that water would dry out our was and nothing is further from the truth. I keep a small spray bottle of water and olive oil in the bathroom and everytime I go in there I spritz my hair. I dont have to worry about build up because I co wash my hair so often. 

Thank you Linda for sharing!

Bonus Picture Below of when I did her hair.  This is a curl and define!

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