Monday, January 30, 2012

It's a NEW Year!

I'm so sorry I have been slacking but I've been very busy I will do better.  I'm so excited about this new year.  Some new things are happening for me.  I got another job working at another salon but I still work at my original salon too.  I'm so excited about the new salon because it is a green salon...I LOVE THAT!  Our vision is the same as far as promoting healthy hair and a healthy environment too.  I really hate the Keratin Treatment...I hate the smell and how I feel afterwards.  So I opt not to do them.  I care more about my health.  The great thing about the Green Salon which is Called Shear Luxe Hair Studio is that the products then use work great and they are environmentally friendly.  My clientele is building up and I'm very excited about that.  I have you all to thank!  I just feel that this new year is going to be a blessing.  I'm learning about new things that are out on the market and I will share it with you all as soon as I get the information.  I hope you are all well and blessed.  Check me out over the NEW YEAR!


Hair in the front

Hair in the back


  1. Pretty curls! Thanks for your replies and updates.

  2. Hi,
    I wish you were here, I would be your regular customer. I tried to find you on facebook and I couldn't. Please respond so that I can ask you some questions, I want to start trying to make wash n go's my style. I have tried in the past and have encountered some issues that may not be issues, but I would like your opinion. Thanks in advance.
    Reecie :o)