Monday, October 28, 2013

How do you get 2nd day hair with a wash n go

I always get 2nd day hair but the reason why is because my hair has my curl pattern memorized which is what you want to work up to so I don't even have to tie my hair up sometimes but here are some things you can do to help get 2nd day hair.

-My favorite Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate  (meaning cowash more often)
-Tie hair in a very loose ponytail (for tighter textures or thicker hair)
-Put in a pineapple (for looser textures and thinner hair)
-Sleep on a satin pillow case
-Just tie your edges with a satin scarf and let the rest of the hair out
-Wear a satin bonnet but know you will have to do some fluffing

My suggestion for a wash n go is to not make it last a week without rewetting.  The point of doing them is to get hydration in the hair making them last over a week defeats the purpose.

1st day hair

2nd day hair

3rd day hair

Still 3rd day but thought I would redo because I have a busy week and want it to look as
fresh as possible
Sneak peek of baby boy


  1. Happy for u and baby! Miss u on youtube :-)

  2. Love all your information on YouTube. Congrats to you on your baby boy. Glad to see recent pics. I have watched your videos over and over. Thank you for what you said about our hair and how we can love it and care for it. You have truely changed me and my hair. I want you to know this.