Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hair Growth Again

I'm so amazed with my hair growth.  I found the key to making the hair grow the way it's supposed to.  I really think I have it down!  It's what worked for me and for others that's listened to what I told them.  I will do a youtube on that when I reach my 3 years anniversary of my Big Chop at the end of November and I will straighten my hair so you all can see my real growth.  Deciding to go against what everyone advised me including my stylist and family going Natural has been one of the BEST decisions I've ever made.  People always say I don't think Natural hair will look good on me...why not????  It's YOU!  It's how God made you and God don't make mistakes.  I'm encouraging people who WANT to go natural!  Do it!  You will not regret it at all!  Check out my growth!

Big Chop

Head bent back more but you can tell the length of it by look at the side pieces.  It's really just at my shoulders or a little below.

At my arm pits

Bra Strap length

Below Bra Strap

I only got 3 more months before I straighten and I should gain 1.5 inches of growth since hair grows .5 inch a month.  So far my hair growth has been on target.  Even with the fact that I straight, color, and do NO Protective styling!  (Just something to think about)  Hmm!  If her hair is growing and she doesn't do any of that stuff then what is it.  I will tell you in NOVEMBER!  So you can see the real proof!


  1. I think the growth you've gotten has to do with the consistent wash and go's. I think water is the key lol

  2. You're on to something! You're right for the most part but it's a little more to it. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Your hair is beautiful! How long did you transition before the big chop? Also will you do a video on straigtening the proper way to protect natural hair - best products to use? My biggest fear in straigtening my natural hair is heat damage.

  4. I found your straightening tutorials on Youtube!!! Cool.

  5. Does this site still exsist? I big chopped completely bald head in May of 2013, now five months later I have 1.5 nape, front, and sides. And 2 inches crown. Is this significant hair growth or does it seam a bit slow?