Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Curls Unleashed

I tried a new product and talked about it on Facebook!  It's mostly Dry.  The product I use is Curl Unleashed by organic root stimulator.  My Pros It makes my hair feel good, moisturizing, didn't have to use much, I like the smell and if you don't like it the smell goes away when dry.  My Cons it's doesn't have an easy application.  (That will be the 1 thing that would keep me from being Excited about this product)  It goes on kind of tough.  I spent more time putting it on that I like and the price for a drug store...I've paid more for a lot of other products but at least I know there are other things that work for ME that's a lot less expensive.  This product was only $12 or $14 its more than I wanted to pay but I was curious.  This price isn't bad but conditioner works for me.  Will I buy again I don't know but at least I know there's something else that will work for me.  This product will be good for a twist out but I must say I don't think it will work very well as a wash n go product on a curl pattern that's harder to define.  It also claims there will be NO shrinkage but as you can see I have shrinkage but I didn't expect that to be true anyway.  I just hate when they put that on products...I do like the product over all but it didn't WOW me but I am glad that more drug store products are being offered for Natural and Curly hair!  We've officially changed the Hair Product Industry!

After just putting in the product

After about 90%  dry


  1. Very nice...I have always wanted my hair to look like that...and it will...LOL.
    Can you please tell me your opinion on braids (kinky extensions). I braid my hair in extensions 2 or 3 times a year. It was my routine in the military and now that I am out, I still tend to use it as my go to style. I am natural and my 2 year anniversary is in December of being completely natural. I love my curls but struggle with the length as I am sure everyone else at my stage does. Thank you. :) I appreciate you!!!

  2. I am almost a year natural but I had weave in my hair (sew in) for about six months and I cut the perm of just recently. I am now wearing it out natural but I have like a half fro half curly and when wet it has a pretty deep curl pattern I was wondering what I should do!! And I am currently using Shea butter products (curl activator and curl moisturizer)